All of us have our Secret Agendas. As for me, I have fetishes. Ooh, this is an interesting one. Some of them may be considered non-conventional but are also quite common and not necessarily strange (such as BDSM)

So, to start with. I’m very much into being dominated (by men specifically, for some reason this arousal doesn’t translate to women, too) This turn on probably stems from unhealthy relationships but nevertheless, it still turns me on. I adore being held down by someone significantly stronger than me but who also has experience and understands safety.

Blind, senseless violence and bondage doesn’t turn me on (in itself) unless it comes from someone who I respect and I know understands my limits etc.

And, although I definitely prefer to be submissive when engaging in BDSM with men, I tend to prefer to take the opposite role with girls. I think this is especially due to the fact that the only two girls I’ve ever been with were my peers in school and were inexperienced, so the idea of taking control and guiding/teaching them excited me a little.

Speaking purely about fetishes? I enjoy knife play (teasing blades across my wrists, throat, chest etc) even though I know this is extremely dangerous even when done so by an experienced individual who understands how to handle blades safely. I also enjoy being choked, slapped, kneed, kicked and having my jaw grabbed and being “forced” to kiss my partner.

Moving on from the kinkier side of things I also love extremities. I wouldn’t classify this completely as a foot fetish, as it’s not just feet. But I especially appreciate limbs. I love the idea of being able to hold my partner’s arm or leg in my hands and kiss my way up from toe/finger to thigh/shoulder.

Now, onto the more controversial ones. I’m into incest roleplay. It probably stems from daddy issues, due to the fact that’s the only role that arouses me, but I particularly enjoy the idea of an older, experienced man taking on the role of a father figure in a sexual setting. I know it isn’t particularly uncommon, but it also isn’t considered healthy. I’m also expecting a few comments mentioning about a healthier way for me to address issues regarding my father not being in my life; please, feel no need to comment as I’m hopefully being accepted to receive counselling about that exact topic very soon.

Secondly, there’s my love of scarves. I spoke to my boyfriend about this one and he stared at me and said, in the most unoffending way he could possibly find that “That turn on could quite easily be interpreted as fetishising(?) a cultural/religious custom”. Now, he’s quite right. It can be interpreted that way, but before I go into it let me explain that it’s not the idea of a woman wearing a headscarf in public and appearing all modest and well behaved and that turning into a devil in the bedroom (..although admittedly, writing that did something for me) it’s more the idea of being with a woman wearing scarves and only scarves in the bedroom.

The idea of a strip tease involving removing each scarf or veil suggestively from her body. I think I know where this came from, I remember reading something very similar in a book one time and once she came to the final veil the lights went out and when they came back on she had disappeared.

I’m quite certain there are others and if any occur to me I’ll make sure to edit my answer, but for now. Those are some of my strange secret fetishes.