Although many imagine sex therapy as a practice to get rid of negative kinks and fetishes, it’s much more than that. No problem comes to an end with a slap of a leather whip. Instead, sexology works like most other therapies. You sit down with your partner and therapist and talk until you reach some form of conclusion. What’s more, it’s constructive to seek sex advice even if you think that your bedroom action is the best in the world.


For some couples, sex comes naturally, and they understand how to make the most of it. They know all about being selfish and generous at the same time. However, they’re not the majority. Instead, most partners are altogether unaware of how to sail their ships through the waters of sweet, sweet love. We’ll, therefore, list some crucial health and sex advice from sexologists in the following few paragraphs.

You Prefer Doing It Alone

These days, talking about a sexless marriage is anything but uncommon. In the United States, almost 15% of lawfully wedded couples lack any naughtiness in bed. Unfortunately, there’s a big problem with this. The more you wait before you engage in sex again, the lower the chances of getting back on the horse will become.


But why is this so? How come these couples stop having sex if it’s the best thing in the world? Well, the reason is what some call “The Westermarck Effect.” But hold on, we’re not going to get all nerdy on you. It’s simple. Namely, this effect means that when you live together with someone for so long, your brain begins to register them as a brother or sister.


“So, what can one do to overcome sexless marriage? Asking for a friend.” No worries — it’s once again simple. The solution is to see a sex therapist and discuss any issues revolving around making love with your wifey or hubby.

Sex Doesn’t Hype You Anymore

If sex doesn’t seem like a prospect of a good time anymore, it’s a good idea to schedule a therapy session. With a professional by your side, you can, if anything, talk about it openly. Because just like for all other problems, it’s essential to have that “kitchen talk” about feelings and to discuss the overall situation.


On the other hand, finding a sex therapist means upping the chances of finding the root of your problem. Namely, by identifying the “WHY,” you and your partner will be on your way to overcoming your sex life crisis. And just like understanding why you don’t feel the hype anymore, you’ll learn all about the “WHYs” that should make you want intercourse again.

Orgasms Become Rare to You

Another sexologist benefit is to learn how to experience more frequent orgasms. Many couples who require talk therapy lack the end product. They find themselves in a weird position where they fake orgasms in the hope of not hurting their partner’s feelings. However, this is more than wrong on so many levels.


Yet, there’s no reason to despair. If you contact a certified sex therapist, they can recommend new sex positions and ways that guarantee more orgasms. This goes out for both males and females. But aside from body positions, they can recommend using sex toys, incorporating dirty talk, and even sexual fantasies into your bedroom scenarios.

You Become Unsure of Your Sexuality

No matter how many partners you’ve had before, you can still face questions about your sexuality. And that’s okay. Many people go through phases like this. However, it can become rather annoying if you’re in a certain relationship, and you don’t know if you’re gay, straight, or something in between. Well, that’s where sex therapists come in to save the day.


By entering the therapist’s office, you enter a safe environment. There, you and your partner can open up about anything that’s bothering you. There’s no reason not to mention how you’re unsure of your sexuality anymore. With your therapist, you can find an answer and make things easier for you and your partner.

Body Reactions During Sex Are Different

Declining sexual health is yet another reason why couples should seek professional help. Namely, it’s no secret that men can experience erectile dysfunction when they reach their 50s or 60s. But this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t address this issue. By talking to their sex therapists, they can find out all about the treatment and the root of the problem.


On the flip side, women aren’t safe from some form of sexual dysfunction, either. In most cases, the symptoms will all come down to vaginal dryness, and that’s one heck of an issue. It can make it almost impossible to have penetrative intercourse. Luckily, therapists exist for sexual problems like these as well.

You Feel Like Your Desires Aren’t Met

Each of us has a kink, fetish, or bedroom quirk we’d like to experience with our partner. Yet, some are so far removed from reality that it’s impossible to even talk about, let alone practice them. And that’s where things can get tricky. Due to not meeting your desires sexually, your relationship might begin to break. But once again, sex therapy can help.


With professional help, the two of you can share your ideas and fetishes to see what is possible to practice together. In case they’re on the other side of reality, the therapists can come up with ways to satisfy them. From watching certain pornography, role-playing, or something other, anyone’s naughty dreams can come true.

Relationships Drain Your Energy

Finally, it’s not all about sex tips, positions, and ways to experience mind-blowing orgasms. Couples’ problems can be even deeper, draining them of energy and motivation to keep going on together. In perfect circumstances, no partner should devoid you from feeling tired and exhausted. So, if that’s the case with you and your better half, once again, contact a clinical social worker or sex psychiatrist and take the matter into your hands.


Simply being around your partner should make you feel good. It should be a mental health stimulant. Moreover, intimate relationships are keys to great social skills that you can use in any other situation, from private to professional. Therefore, it’s a good idea to opt for sex therapy and a certified sexology expert to overcome any issue before you. It won’t only make love making better — it will also strengthen your bond for the better.

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